WorldWIde Projects

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New York , USA

United Nations / MDG's

Mexico City , MEXICO

Urban Air Pollution

Washington , USA

World Bank / Renewable Energy

Toronto , CANADA

Trade / Corportate Finance

Manisa , TURKEY

Geothermal power plant project development

Kampala , UGANDA

Telecommunication / Corportate Finance

Beijing , CHINA

Gasification Combined Cycle


Energy / District Heating

London , UK

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Brussels , BELGIUM

European Commision

Munich , GERMANY

Construction / Corportate Finance

Bourges , FRANCE

China industry / M & A

Helsinki , FINLAND

Nordic Development Fund

Reykjavic , ICELAND

Energy / Investment analyst

Kamchatka , RUSSIA

Geothermal power plant

Cairo , EGYPT

Sustainabilty / Capacity Building


Solar energy



Energy Bulgaria  Vidin Bio diesel production plant project management Project Management
Energy Czech Republic Prague Energy Efficiency  Project Management
Energy Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo Capacity Building on Clean Development Mechanism Project Management
Energy Romania  Bucharest Energy Management-Environment Risk Management  Project Management
Energy Serbia and Montenegro  Belgrade Biomass potential analysi Project Management
Energy Hungary  Budapest Emissions Trading Joint Implementation Project Management
Energy Turkey  Mansia Geothermal power plant project developmen Project Management
Energy Turkey  Antalya Small Scale Hydropower Project Management
Energy Turkey  Konya Solar power plant Investment Analysis
Energy Nicaragua   Managua Electricity Distribution Investment Analysis
Energy Brazil  Sao paulo Urban Air Pollution Project Management
Energy Brazil  Rio de Janeiro Bio-Ethenol Investment Analysis
Energy Mexico Mexico City Urban Air Pollution Project Management
Energy China Beijing Gasification Combined Cycle Project Management
Energy South Africa   Cape Town Solar energy  Investment Analysis
Energy Russia Kamchatka Geothermal power plant Project Management
Energy Australia Perth Solar power investment Investment Analysis
Finance Switzerland Geneva Finance Corportate Finance
Finance Switzerland Laufen Construction Corportate Finance
Finance Denmark Kopenhagen Trade Corportate Finance
Finance Portugal Porto Ceramics industry Corportate Finance
Finance Great Britan London Trade Corportate Finance
Finance USA Tulsa  Ceramics industry Corportate Finance
Finance Canada Toronto Trade Corportate Finance
Finance Switerland Langenthal Tableware Corportate Finance
Finance Austria Villach Construction Corportate Finance
Finance Germany Munich Construction Corportate Finance
Finance Poland Warsaw Energy Corportate Finance
Finance Austria Vienna Energy Corportate Finance
Finance Liechtenstein Vaduz Finance Corportate Finance
Finance Turkey  Istanbul Energy  Corportate Finance
Finance Uganda Kampala Telecommunication Corportate Finance
Finance Belarus Minsk Central Heating Corportate Finance
Finance Albania Tirana Energy Corportate Finance
Finance Estonia Tallinn Energy Corportate Finance
Finance Latvia Riga District Heating  Corportate Finance
Finance Lithuania Vilnius District Heating  Corportate Finance
Finance Ukraine Kiev Energy Corportate Finance
Finance France Bourges China industry M & A
Finance Check Rep. Karlovy Vary China industry M & A
Finance Italy Aosta Flatware production Recovery managament
Finance Austria Vienna Insurance Recovery Managament / M & A
Finance Slowenia Maribor Automotive Recovery Managament / M & A
Finance USA Washington B to B SCM
Finance China Shanghai Procurement SCM
International Organisations Great Britan London European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Corportate Finance
International Organisations Belgium Brussel European Commision  Evaluation of grant applications
International Organisations USA NewYork  United Nations MDG' s
International Organisations USA Washington World Bank Renewable Energy
International Organisations Finland Helsinki Nordic Development Fund Task Management Africa
International Organisations Egypt Cairo Sustainabilty Capacity Building
Tourism Greenland  Nuuk Tourism Evaluation
Tourism Iceland Husadalur  Tourism Oil for Hydro Power – Replacement Project